What's the difference between KN95 and N95 masks? 
  • N95: Masks which are designed around the US specifications but not necessarily made in the US. 
  • KN95: Masks which are designed around the Chinese specifications. 
  • BOTH masks are intended to filter greater than 95% of particles.

Is it true that KN95s have 8% leakage and N95s do not? 

  • KN95 masks REQUIRE manufacturers to complete fit tests on humans and the TIL (Total Inward Leakage) must be less than <8%.
  • N95 masks DO NOT REQUIRE manufacturers to complete fit tests on humans therefore the TIL (Total Inward Leakage) data is unknown. 

Why does the packaging say non-medical use?
  • Prior to the pandemic, the only masks approved for medical use were NIOSH- approved N95s. However, post-pandemic the FDA has allowed the use of specific KN95s. This is why the packaging for KN95s say "non-medical use". 
  • Our masks are on the authorized manufacturers list by the FDA under Appendix A. Please follow link below. You will find all KN95 masks which are approved and not approved by the FDA. 
  • https://www.fda.gov/media/136663/download

Have any of these KN95 masks been tested for filtration levels? 

Will the packaging have the FDA logo?

  • No- The FDA does not allow the usage of their logo on any PPE supply products.
  • Any packaging with the FDA logo on there should be verified for legitimacy. 

How do I know your mask is legitimate? 

  • All Powecom masks must have a counterfeit seal to confirm authenticity. This seal has a QR scan on it which can then be used to verify that the product is in fact directly from the manufacturer.  EVERY single KN95 we ship to you will have this seal.